Saturday, October 01, 2005

Still here

I want to thank you all for all your support! It really has meant alot to me! Things are going better.. pretty much back to normal. Honey seems happy and frankly I am afraid to bring it up.. don't want to poke the bear, ya know? His brother is in this week from Seattle, I think I will wait until he leaves to get back into the "discussion". sigh.

Anyways, in other news Serenity is finally out in theaters. OMG! It so kicks ass! We saw it months ago while it was in test screenings & loved it, but now it is even better! So polished, so well written & acted. YOU. MUST. SEE. IT! Anyone who likes Star Wars or has even a passing interest in science fiction will absolutely love this film. It so rocks! I mean it. Go! Go now! I'll wait.........

Did you see it yet? ;)

Ok.. off the box now. Finished Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman a few days ago. He is still firmly at the top of my favorite authors list. He writes the most wonderful characters! His stories are always engrossing & fun to read.

In other Gaiman news, Mirrormask opened this weekend, but only in limited release. :( The only place it's playing in Michigan is Royal Oak. Even so, honey & I are seriously considering driving out there tonight to see it. It was written by Gaiman, designed by Dave Mckean, who did the art work in Gaiman's children's books, and produced by the Jim Henson Company. Really excited to see this thing!

Ok. Knitting news. Well, I was 22" into the back of Torgeir & realized that I started the center motif in the wrong spot. grrrrr. Had to rip out almost the whole damn thing. I am back to 8", just before staring the first motif on the sides. sigh. That'll teach me... maybe.

Ok. Off to get the gifties for my SP.


Anonymous said...

Hello there friend...I hope you and your sweetie can find happiness together. My sweetie and I are looking for a good couples counselor as well, and I think it is a good thing to be doing. I went to Sweetwaters on tuesday, and no one was there. Sad I was. Will anyone be there this week I wonder...
Love, Elisha

Kimberly said...

Thanks for the comment!

I will totally be there on Tuesday!:)