Thursday, October 27, 2005

Only Thursday... (sigh)

Man this week is draggin!

Thanks for all the compliments on the sweater! I got a little more done and am now back to where I was before ripping. I made a tinsy error in the last cable.. but its really small so I am resisting the urge to tink back. No one will notice anyways.. right?

The weather has been really cold this week, it seems to have skipped fall and gone directly to winter here. brrrr. At least there's hockey to watch! (go Wings!)

Oh.. SP... There is nothing special that I am coveting for xmas. Well, there are those knitting books, but they are a little pricey for SP xchange. I will be happy with yarn.. never can have too much of that! XD

alright, off to make dinner, knit & watch the game.

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me myself and i said...

dont you hate it when time drags??? Ugh!