Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Well.. its my birthday, so I'm gonna have a little meme fun! :)

I got this from Weaselrina's blog:

Do a Google search for "[Your first name] needs" (with the quotes, without the [ ] )

So here they are:

1. Kim needs to take off the gloves! - hee hee, no more ms. nice knitter!

2. Kim needs to talk - more? damn, I hardly shut up now!
3. Kim needs some hints - is that a nicer way to tell me I'm clueless?
"Kim needs independent strategic leverage against China and Russia" .. well, that's awful specific! Somehow I think this refers to the little dictator, not that we couldn't all use some leverage against China & Russia...
Kim needs your help - your help, or help in general I wonder..
6. The first thing Kim needs to think about is retirement. - I think I should find a career before I start thinking about retiring... although if I could afford it...
7. kim needs help big time - I guess that answers my question about #3
8. Kim needs a pee - yikes! tell the whole world why don't ya!
9. Kim needs more time to think.
Kim needs to give herself away one last time to the right man - double yikes! what does that mean! I totally don't want to do the dating thing again!! NOOOOOOOOOOO

Hee hee.. that was fun


Alucard said...

Ummm I´m a spanish guy from Madrid and I don´t speak english very well,so...
Actually, I don´t know how I get here, but I have enjoyed your blog;)

Alucard said...

And happy birthday!!

Genia said...

Oh my gosh! Another beautiful Libra! My B-day is tomorrow....
I hope you have a wonderful B-day!

Mandy said...

Happy Birthday!! Mine is next Monday! I hope that you have a great birthday!!

Dani said...

Happy birthday!! Wishing you a year of happy healthy knitting!!!

I love that meme! And I think I will have to do the follow up too - [your name] WANTS (instead of needs) LOL Should be just as much fun!

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday!