Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Son of MeMe

Ok.. so I am shamelessly stealing Dani's idea & doing the follow-up

Google search "{your name} wants"


1. Kim wants to keep celebrity names out of trial. - actually, I could care less, name the names why don't cha!
2. Kim wants to rule all Korea - YES! Bow before me!
3. Kim wants to know
4. Kim wants regime preservation - um.. that would be a huge NO! Revolution baby!
5. Kim wants the kitchen to serve both form & function
- how did they know! it is exactly what I yearn for! ;)
6. Kim wants love to be personal and just a touch on the formal and polite side. - what's with the formality thing? give me unbridled passion in the back of a buick! (ops, flashback to highschool.. sorry!)
7. Kim wants to have nukes - for deterent purposes only, I swear!
8. Kim wants the highest for me - this is true, I really want the highest for you! Honest! 0:)
9. Kim wants to be the great ancestor - I'll settle for pretty good though
10. Kim wants a green jacket that is expensive - and is warm.. and perty!

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Dani said...

Oh! You did it! Now Im gonna HAVE to and post it too =)