Monday, October 17, 2005



I love having birthdays! Sure, its not til tomorrow & there is that whole gettin older thing.. but I get presents!!!

Like this lurvly that was waiting on my doorstep for me!

Mountain Colors in Winter Sky! From the lovely & talented Joanne. You totally ROCK! And I want to formally apologize for not getting your gifty out yet.. it will be there soon!!

So.. what to make with this yumminess? It is totally soft & would be a beautiful scarf.. but it is superwash w/nylon so it would be super yummy socks too... oh, the dilemma! ;~)

In other early gifty news, my honey got me 4 new tires for my car!! Whee! Sure, its not the most romantic of gifts.. but, hey they are 75,000 mile tires and my old ones were so bald they resembled the kind usually found on hot wheels!


Windle says: "Mom, you are so weird. Now stop knitting & bow before me!"


heather said...

Have a great birthday!

Hope you eat lots of cake. That's my favorite thing about birthdays. Yummmm

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Kim!!

Karen said...

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday amielovie! Happy birthday to us!! Whoo hoo! Libras rock! Hope you get some good birthday loot. I will post mine on my blog soon. Birthdays rock!