Saturday, October 08, 2005

Goodbye Sweet Puss

Over the last few weeks our elder puss Klio has been declining in health. She wasn't moving very well, she had lost a lot of weight & spent alot of time hiding in closets. On Monday Kris took her to the vets & they discovered she had a mass in her abdomen the size of a baseball! Being over 18yrs old, we didn't want to put her through a bunch of procedures.. especially when this was a terminal disease. The vet gave us some steriods to give her, which they thought might shrink the mass & increase her appetite. For the first day or so, the steriods seemed to be helping, but by last night it was clear it was only temporary.

This morning we took her back to the vets.. she has lost 2 ounces in weight since Monday & over 2lbs total within the last few weeks. We decided to have her put to sleep.

This is particularly hard on my husband. She was most definitely "his" cat & he has had her since he was 19yrs old.

So, here is a last glimpse of Klio. She was a very sweet cat. She had a long & pampered life, and we will miss her desperately.

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Denise said...

So sorry! It is so hard to lose a pet, especially one you've had so long. My condolences.

heather said...

O I am so very sorry for your loss of a very special family member.
I hope you and your man are hanging in there.

Joanne said...

Oh no! Poor Klio and poor you and Kris!

I am so sorry! :(

Joanne said...

Brian here-

I've known Klio for such a long time, I hardly know what to say besides I am truly sorry.

I told Pharaoh and he's bummed out. :(

We'll miss her!

me myself and i said...

poor kitty...many hugs and prayers are being sent your way!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about your cat! :( Please excuse my "absence" from posting/emailing--- I have been traveling for work quite often and well, the internet where I was located was less than reliable. Please look for a package soon (this weekend) in the mail... I picked up some items for you in my travels. :)
your SP6

Jeri said...

I'm so sorry for your loss!! What a beloved family member you've lost. I hope you'll treasure all the fond memories of your Klio and know you gave her a wonderful life. Hugs!!!

Karen said...

When I saw your cat, for a seccond I thought this was my sisters blog!! My family lost our black cat, Jenny at the end of july. She also had health problems, and at the end was not eating. She wouldnt even let us hold her, she just lay there. We decided to make her trip to cat heaven easyer so she would not suffer. We only had her for 9 years, but it felt like my hole life to me because we got her when I was in grade 2 (now in grade 11). I hope your family can be happy again some day with another cat.