Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bride of meme

ok.. this is the last & then I will stop

google search "{your name} does"

1. Kim does night duty on the starship Voyager - dude, that would be cool {snork}
2.KIM DOES MEDIA BLITZ BEFORE PRISON - crap! what i'd do now!
3.Kim does not affect virulence by the intravenous route. - well.. I guess thats good...
4. Kim does look like Tammy Lynn Michaels - WHO? (quick google here) umm. nope.. well.. no. both blonde but that's it.
5.Kim does not have enough going on - this is true, I'm very boring
6.Kim does not know how to drive a van - do so!
7. Kim does not have a manager or agent. - sadly, this is true.. I fear I shall never be a top model because of it ;)
8.Kim does a surprisingly fine job of running North Korea - why thank you! I try so hard!
9. Kim does it. - short & to the point.
10. Kim does not appear. - ever? wow.. I always thought of myself as a "show up" kind of gal!

Thank you for putting up with my self-indulgence! :D

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