Sunday, March 04, 2007

We Have A Wiggy Factor of 10!

There are some events that bring home the jarring realization that your sweet, adorable, loving little fluffballs are in fact animals who still have their predatory instincts.

With the cats, it was the first time I found bits of a mouse (not even half a mouse) laying in the middle of the carpet and 4 very satisfied looking pussy cats.

Well, last night I had this moment with Corrina.

Yesterday I let her out to do her business and have a romp in the yard. About 5 min later I hear her barking. Not her usual "Look at the THING!" bark, but a more aggressive, territorial "Get out of my yard or this will happen to you" kinda bark. I looked outside and there was a squirrel in the tree, about halfway down the trunk. Too high for her to reach. I left her to it. She is after all a dog, and they love to bark & chase squirrels.

I let her in a little bit later and there were no signs of the squirrel. I assumed the squirrel had climbed higher in the tree, or jumped to our neighbors yard, and didn't think anything more of it.

The rest of the day pasted uneventfully. She was doing her little kid routine, wanting to go out & then come back in every 5-10 min.

Around 10:30pm I let her out for her bedtime potty. When I went to let her back in 10 min later, I received a serious case of the wiggies! My sweet, loving, gentle baby had in fact killed the squirrel... and then brought it to me! EEK! She dropped it on the porch and I let her inside. We went to bed. She promptly jumped up & lay down in my spot and was looking pitiful. She probably didn't understand why I was wigged... and I was too wigged to properly snuggle with the dog... I mean, she murdered a squirrel!

Ok. So, here we are this morning. I wake up resigned to the fact that I am living with 5 cold-blooded killers (at least of rodents) and let my baby outside for her morning pee. I brought a garbage bag with me to scoop up the corpse. When I bent over, I got my first good look at the squirrel. It looked normal.. except for the head, which Corrina had tore the skin & fur from... she ripped off the squirrel's FACE! DUDE! (shiver)

I think I need a lay-down.

Squirrel Enemy #1


Joanne said...

Ewwwwwwww! That would give me the serious wiggins too!

But Corrina is so pretty! I think this is the first grown up photo I have seen of her. Awwwwwwww!

Saltwater purls said...

Nope, not until one pet eats another pet do you have nightmares that last well into your adult years and require psycotherapy...