Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Much Ado About Puppy

After hearing about the problems my dear Joanne (nobody messes with my Joanne!) has been having with Blogger I decided I would give wordpress a try. After all, you can have your own domain name & separate pages attached to your blog. Cool... Well, after 2 days of fussing with it and still being unhappy/frustrated with wordpress I decided not to switch after all... they won't even let you change the colors on the template or modify the html! And all the cool stuff comes at a cost. So, for now, I'm sticking with blogger. (Sorry Joanne, I hope you figure the commenting thing out!) I did end up purchasing a domain, which now means I have to figure out what do with it... (sigh)

In puppy news, I decided to give the whole "cooking" thing a try. She had her first home cooked meal this morning...
steak, peas & redskin potato

Ms. Corrina is now eating better than we are! This definitely gives me peace of mind and the cost ends up being about the same... probably less in the long run.

I will leave you with a bit of a puppy romp. This is her at the dog park this past weekend. :)