Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Little Peek

Ok. So there hasn't been any knitting content in a while. As I said previously, I have been mainly knitting for Joanne's bun and didn't want to spoil the surprise. I'm not going to show the F.O.'s, but I will show you what I'm working on now... mainly because I want some feedback.

This is a baby blanket. SURPRISE! What you see is the bottom border (the multicolor strip) and the body (the purplely bit). The border will be on the sides & top as well, and the discerning eye will notice the letters A, B, & C faintly appearing in reverse stockingette stitch. Here is my question. Should I continue the body as a solid color, or should I add narrow stripes of the variegated yarn? I'm so torn! I need help!! Opine people, opine!

Oh, and apparently the cats feel they have been neglected on my blog.
I'm clearly more handsome than the dog, worship me!

Addendum: The first trailer is up for the movie Stardust, which is based on a Neil Gaiman story! I am really excited!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Kim - The daughter and I are both under the opinion that you should keep the purple middle part solid and have the border variegated, just as you have it. The kitty is cute. You can tell him/her for me.

Ruinwen said...

Your kitty is adorable! >^..^<

I think IMHO keeping the border in the ABC color blocks and the rest of the blanket purple would be best. Too much color in the center part would detract away from the delicate ABC detail you accented the colored blocks with. That is a very lovely blanket so far! :)