Sunday, March 13, 2005

Red Heart KAL Fiber

Today I dyed 1lb of blue-faced leicester & approx. 4oz of tussah silk to be used in the red heart kal. I am really happy with the results & am thinking of using the leicester, silk & merino in the project. I'm not sure what combo I am going to use, but I think they will work soo well together!

Ok, so here is what it all looks like!
First off, the bleached silk..
Image hosted by

And the raw leicester...
Image hosted by

Now, here is the dyed silk...
Image hosted by

And the dyed leicester...
Image hosted by

Here is a pic of them together.
Image hosted by

And a pic of the merino that was bought predyed.(This one is a little dark)
Image hosted by

The silk didn't absorb as much dye as the wool, but thats okay. It will spin up with dark red, pink & white spots that should compliment the wool nicely. Of course I will post pics once I get everything spun!

Happy Sunday! Image hosted by


NKTN said...

Just thought I'd stop in and read your update!
KnitBlogKnit 'helper'...

Kimberly said...

thanks noreen! :)

Ruinwen said...

What beautiful colors! Makes me think of spring!

Your new blog looks great!


Leah said...

I am just awestruck... it's beautiful!

Kimberly said...

Thaks ruinwen & leah! :)

Joanne said...

So pretty!

And your new blog is totally fun!

I just got one up yesterday but it is not as pretty (still trying to figure out that HTML code stuff).

Anyhoo, it's here: www.littlemyths.blogspot