Saturday, April 28, 2007

Kool-Aid Dyeing

I dyed 2 skeins of the KnitPicks Bare yarn using Kool-Aid. One skein of the DK and one of the fingering weight. Here's the results...
Dark red=Tropical Punch; light red/pink=Watermelon Cherry; Purple= Grape
DK Weight Yarn right out of the pot

Light Blue=Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade; Blue=Berry Blue; Light (Celery) Green=Artic Green Apple

Fingering Weight right out of pot

Here they are drying in the sun.
It started raining about 20min after this picture was taken!

Unfortunately my camera is having problems picking out the difference between the light & darker blue. I think it's due to them being the same hue under bright light. In person there is a difference. You may notice that the fingering skein is longer, this is because I wound it into an 8yrd hank so that, in theory, the yarn will self-stripe when I knit it up. There is a good tutorial on this technique over at See Eunny Knit. Overall I'm very happy with the results. This is the first time I've dyed using Kool-Aid without adding vinegar. The yarn certainly absorbed it ok, we will just have to wait & see how color-fast it is.

BTW- The Spring Surprise is up at Knitty! Am I crazy for totally wanting to knit this?


Dawn said...

That looks really cool. Some of those are some crazy Kool-aid colors, they do a great job on the yarn though.

Ruinwen said...

I love dyeing with Kool Aid! Yours are so very pretty! I can't wait to see them knitted up! :) Glad you had fun!

Rockman said...

What does it taste like?