Saturday, August 06, 2005

Sceret Pal-y Goodness, Part Deux

Got my second goodie box from my SP yesterday! (squee)

Firstly, there is the items to keep me fat, but smooth ;)

Image hosted by
The chewy candy cars are most yummy!

Secondly, there is the stuff to make my house smell less like kitty.
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mmm, lemonlime

Thirdly, we have tea & tea acoutrement.
Image hosted by
loven the basket, will get lots of use!

Now at this point you may be thinking "wasn't this a knitter's SP? Where is the knitty goodness?" I got your knitty goodness right here baby!

Image hosted by
sweet little shawlette, with beaded trim!

She made me a shawlette/scarf! (sorry, I'm a little verklempt.. discuss amongst yourselves) Very pretty & definitely my colors! Don't know the fiber content.. but I'm guessing acrylic?
Very lovely... and help soothe my pain from the bad haircut I received just moments before.

EDIT: I have been informed that this was made with lovely, "Socks that Rock" yarn from Blue Moon Fibers. It is superwash merino! I hand in my spinners card & will keep my mouth shut now. (sorry for the misunderstand!)

Bad haircut? So here is what happened.. the scissor happy stylist decided to take a good 3-4 inches off my layers, making my already thin hair appear even thinner.. thanks psycho! She left the length on the bottom, so it doesn't look like I got a whole lot taken off, but I feel all mullety! Plus, um, natural curl! So the layers are all super curly & fluffy & ending a good 4 inches from the bottom! grrrrr.. And I paid almost $50 for this monstrosity! I miss my old stylist.. damn salon had to go & close! grrrr


me myself and i said...

awesome SP gifts....enjoy them!

Secret Pal said...

Acrylic?? I think NOT. Now my feelings are a bit hurt I must say. That is Sock That Rock sock yarn in the Heartstone Colorway.
I don't use acrylic for the most part and I surely wouldn't send acrylic as a GIFT unless it was for a child, and maybe not even then, just so you know.


Kimberly said...

oops! Sooo Sorry! I didn't mean to hurt your feelings!! It is very beautiful! The last thing I wanted to do is offend! :( said...

OOoo,acrylic is a baaaad word. The shawl is very purdy and you got good stuff from your sp. Lucky you!
And I'm so sorry about your hair. Bad haircuts make me sad too. How bout a nice hat?

Denise said...

See, I wasn't going to mention that I go to Salon XL because she charges $50 for a haircut, but I always come out of there feeling like a MOVIE STAR (rather than a rock star like say, Bono? Circa 1984, perhaps?)...

I thought you were looking for someone less expensive than that, but now that I think about it, that was Jen talking.

Try Charlie next time (good lord, I hope that's not where you went after all).

La said...

Seeing the stuff you got makes me kinda wish I had joined an SP.