Monday, August 01, 2005

Look at that beautiful bean footage

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No, those are not worms! They are my current bounty of purple beans! mmmm. I just had to share! :p

So, I know y'all are just dieing to find out how my anniversary weekend went! Well, I'll tell ya.. it sucked! Oh sure, it started out good enough. Get out of work early, nice leisurely drive to Chicago listening to the lastest HP audio book (gotta love Jim Dale), check into the hotel & crawl into the downtown area for dinner.
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Dinner was absolutely fabulous by the way. If you ever are in Chicago you must go there. Soooo yummy! We had Vareniky(potato dumplings) for an appetizer, I had Sergey's Chicken Kebob Shashlik for my entree & my honey had Georgian Chicken Tapaka. Not to mention a ton of Russian Tea(blend of Ceylon, Darjeeling and Black Currant Teas)& black bread. And to top it off we had "Black Russky" for desert. What is that? Well, here is their description "Decadent dark chocolate mousse on chocolate sponge glazed with ganache" I know what you're thinking... OMG!, and you're right! Plus the service was wonderful! I swear that everytime I took a sip of my tea someone was there to refill it.. I musta had at least a half dozen cups! LOL I was going to take pictures of this magnificent feast (ala Kate), but alas my camera sucks in any light that isn't, well, high noon natural light, so you will not be tortured with the photos.

So, everything sounds good right? Where did it all go wrong? Well, I have changed my diet pretty drastically in the last 6 weeks. This is great for my health, but unfortunately not for my digestive tract. Things I used to be able to eat with gusto have been having ill effects on me & I am afraid that is what happened on Friday. About a half hour after we left the restaurant I started getting very nauseated. I thought at first it was just because I was riding around in a manual transmission car after a heavy meal.. but it didn't take long for me to figure out that it was in fact the meal that done me in. Damn those spices! So good & yet sooo evil! I will spare y'all the nasty details on that. Anyways, I ended up in the hotel & my honey had to go to the concert alone. He was not pleased! Plus my tummy was still very sensitive well into Sunday, so I missed my nice dinner out on Saturday too! :(

The upshot is that I got a lot of reading done this weekend. I am currently halfway through the Historian byElizabeth Kostova. I am loving this book! Very engrossing & suspensful. I think I read almost 200 pages yesterday alone! I will warn you, if you get creeped out easily I would probably avoid it. It is not an overt horror novel. There is very little talk of blood & has been minimal violence so far.. I cant really describe it other than to say that I am a big huge horror geek & I can't remember being so effected before. I actually felt very anxious reading it while home alone in the dark. (spook-ie) :p

Ok.. done ramblin for now, will probably have some knitting content up on Wednesday. I am up to the short rows for the breasts on my shapely tank & hope to have the front finished soon! :)


heather said...

Ha, perfect title.
I still say they look like some type of leech.
Sorry your anniversary didn't go so well. I hope you feel better now.
That happened to me on my wedding night. (previous marriage so who cares) but I was so sick. Maybe that's why he dumped me.
I loved the Harry Potter book. Wanna know the ending? Just jokin'!

Denise said...

Of COURSE, we've been to Russian Tea Time! Love that place. I remember some kind of dish with carrots in it that I just loved. I think I scribbled down the name of it at the time, but never found the recipe.

Sorry to hear the meal ruined your night, though!