Monday, August 29, 2005

Not much. You?

Finally finished The Historian. Fun read, though probably not for everyone. It tends to read somewhat like a travel log, so it drags in bits & there are some plot things that bug me, but overall I enjoyed it. Now I need to hit the book store, Something Rotten is out in paperback & it is next on my list!

I decided to put sleeves on the Cathay top formerly known as the shapely tank. I have finished the first & am a few rows into the second. I am hoping to get it done tonight, but I don't really expect to. I am going to redo the edging around the neck as well. I initially did a sc around, but am not feeling it. But I tried it on & IT FITS! SQUEE! :p


Melanie said...

I have eyeballed that tank for a LONG time! Never made it... how long are you making the sleeves?

Kimberly said...

short sleeves, about 8" from the shoulder.

You should totally make it. It is a simple pattern & looks lovely! And, I used way less yarn than the pattern called for.. hence the sleeves! :)