Monday, August 08, 2005

OW! My Friggin EYES!

Um, yeah, ok. So lately I have been reading the You Knit What?? blog for general amusement. Their latest post about Herr Strickolino is simply frightening & caused me to google this guy. Scary dude, really scary. I have included one of his photos as an example.

WARNING: Not for the Squemish
or Faint of Heart!

Image hosted by

Along the same lines, the knitty surprises are up for the man issue. The mathematical bag is kinda cool, but the hat! Yikes! Dude, seriously.. put down the needles!

In other news.. just did a meme for the first time in awhile & thought I'd post it.. cause, ya know, Harry Potter...

Image hosted by

Don't know if I really agree with this, but there ya go! :)


Sue said...

Definitely scary!! And I totally agree about the pink knitty hat.

Joanne said...

Wow! That knitting IS scary.

Also I am Dumbledore. (I've taken a real Myers-Briggs before and I always come out as an INFJ. In fact on the last full test I took I came out with 100% Feeling and 0% Thinking. I guess that explains alot . . . hee hee).