Thursday, August 11, 2005

For Your Amusement

No Knits to show you.. the humidity here has caused flare-ups in my left hand. :(

To keep you amused I offer these two items instead.

1. This is what happens when D & D gamers go too far! A thousand years of power, indeed.

2. Here you will find an open letter to the Kansas School Board in regards to teaching creationism. I think its bloody brilliant, especially the bit about pirates!

That's all for now. I leave tomorrow morning for a long weekend in NYC, where there will be much theater, eating, & drooling over yarn. I will be back on Tuesday, hopefully with some pics if my friggin camera cooperates! :)

I leave you with this...

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1 comment:

Kate said...

Oh thank you Kim! The Flying Spaghetti Monster is just what I needed to see this morning!

Have a great weekend! Looking forward to hearing all about the culture, yarn and food you get to experience.