Wednesday, August 10, 2005

here there be faeries

Its here! The silliest b-day present for my honey!

Image hosted by

if you build it, they will come

This wonderful little door was created by the good people at House of Masque. Excellent customer service & great product. Go to them for all your faerie needs! ;) Oh, & btw- hubby loves it! He is busy trying to find the perfect spot for it right now!

In other news the new Knit Picks catalog just arrived. Totally thinking of getting a couple sample cards for those new fall yarns. I really want to fondle the "Ambrosia"!!


Joanne said...

That is the cutest door ever!

Kate said...

ooooo--think we can get enough color cards together to make up $30 for free shipping?

I might be tempted to get a few skeins of the cheap wool to knit robots with too...

CJ said...

You didn't say your faerie door was that cool!! I love it.