Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Cathay... DONE! :D

I finally finished my Cathay top! woo hoo! Here is a really awful pic of it all blocked up...
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Here is what the color actually looks like (mostly)

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The gals at knitting last night got a preview of it actually on me & can testify that it fits! Whee!

So, what's next you may ask. Well, evidently I have gone insane. Here's why...
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Isn't that gorgeous?! (not the model, the sweater!) Its Stornoway from Fisherman's Sweaters by Alice Starmore. I saw this & fell in love! I must make this for my daddy! Must Must Must. So what's the problem you may ask, well I'll tell ya.. its knit on Size 2 needles.. that's US not UK.. Size 2! Ya know, what ya make socks with! eek! Well, since I am insane, I am going to do it and I am very optimistically planning to finish it in time for xmas.

But ya know, insanity runs in my family...
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That's me, my sis & my mom circa 1976. Me & sis are in matching ponchos & matching pink dresses (i'm the one with the blinding white hair). Somewhere lurking out there is a pic of us in matching red, white, & blue ponchos for the bicentenial (shudder). Yep, mom's a loonie! :) Love her!

And just because there hasn't been any pussy on this blog in awhile...
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behold Bailey & her amazing bald belly


Denise said...

Great sweater, and...umm...nice pussy! I can't believe I just typed that.

freddyknits said...

I love love love the retro poncho photo. I think all knit bloggers over a certain age should be required to post photos of themselves in awful 70s ponchos. I know there is one of me in a bicentennial number.