Thursday, May 12, 2005

Updateapalooza- take two

So this is a really long post.. and you'll have to bare with me because it is my second time around. My browser crapped out just as I was finishing & deleted the whole damn thing!

Firstly, we had lovely weather this past weekend here in Ann Arbor which allowed me to do this...
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a little garden of eatens
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Chives, red onions & a plethora of peppers

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Herby goodness.. may you grow & be pesto!

Kris spent the day clearing out & re-edging the flower beds, which are pretty full of perenials. So, we are basically done with the planting. YIPPIE!

Now, onto knitting. Frenchie is done!

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before felting
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I apologize for the quality of the prefelted pic. I have learned my lesson & shall henceforth only do my photo shoots outside! I will of course post a pic of Frenchie once she has finished drying. I had to do the felting by hand because our new washer is a tumbler. Luckily I already have heat-resistant hands from my years of waiting tables during my 20's. It was a good workout & allowed me to control the amount of felting. I think I will be doing all my future felting by hand.

Lastly, I have been temping for the last few months & my current assigment ended yesterday. This allowed me to finally get out to Chelsea to visist A Gathering Basket
. They are going out of business & their last day is Saturday, May 21st. I highly encourage anyone in the area to pay them a visit. They are selling everything for 40% of except for consignment items & furniture. This is what I got...

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13 skeins of Bamboo yarn for about $55 & the Erika Knight book for $8! They still have a good selection of yarns, rovings & books so get your butt out there. They are only open Tuesday- Saturday 12-3pm. I would imagine the good stuff will go this weekend.

Oh, on a side note. I watched my first episode of Knitty Gritty on DIY today. Not sure what I think yet. On the plus side they did have Erika Knight on, who is one of my favorite designers.. the Simple Knits with a Twist book I just got is my 4th by her. On the down side, I find the host mildly annoying. I'd love to hear what others think of it!

Thanks for sticking it out with this post. I promise the next one will be shorter! But hey, at least there was yarn porn! ;)


Ingrid said...

That bam Boo is yummy....why do I have to be broke and on a yarn diet waaaaah!

Melanie said...

mildly annoying? yes, agreed. But not as bad as the woman on knit 1, purl 2.

Denise said...

Now it's 50% off. I am staying home (until I find an enabler...) resisting...resisting...aaaaaarrrgh!