Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Good Things

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hmmm... what a frumpy looking package. I wonder what might be lurking inside...

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Why, its a plethora of wooly goodness from my new favorite store Knit Picks!
Aren't those colors lovely! Yes, I know they're very Autumnal but I love em!

Wait.. what do I see? THERE!

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Its the extra Evergreen that I ordered! I was a dork & didn't order enough originally causing me to run out half way through my french market bag. Oh joy oh joy oh happy day! How could it possibly be any better?

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Oh. My. GAWD! Can it be? Did they actually just send me 3 more skeins of the SAME dye lot I got originally? Pics don't lie my friends! (unless your really good with photoshop, which I am obviously not)

I'm a little overwhelmed! I think I need some tea...


Kitt said...

Wow! What a lovely frumpy package!
Wha'cha gonna do with all that pretty yarn? Do you have a project planned?

Kimberly said...

I don't have a project planned as such. I am thinking doing a felted courier bag with some of it.. but I haven't decided for sure! It's just so lovely I couldn't help my self!!


Dragon Whispers said...

Wowsy that's what I call LUCK!! Way to go KNIT PICKS!!

I also got a rather frumpy package that looked just like yours awhile back. Never judge a package by the outside covering I say! What was inside was all my loverly Aplaca Cloud!!


Kate said...

Hey Kim--
what Knit Picks yarn did you buy? I love the colors of their sock yarn and also would like to see (and fondle) their Andean Silk before buying any. Actually, I'd be happy to see any of their yarn in person (maybe at the next Sweetwater's meeting I can make) since I suspect that all the colors on my computer monitor are out of wack.


Kimberly said...

Hey Kate,

I have mostly Wool of the Andes, but I have a little of the Alpaca Cloud too. I will bring a sampling on Tuesday for you! :)