Friday, May 27, 2005

Geek Alert!

So, Kris & I just got back from Chicago. We drove down there yesterday to see a super advance screening of Serenity, which is a movie spawned from the cancelled Joss Whedon series Firefly

Yes, we drove 5 hours there, spent $150 on a hotel room & waited in line for hours to see a movie that isn't even finished yet. It was totally worth it! I know I am a complete geek. I acknowledge this & have even embraced it. If you have even a passing fancy towards science fiction, do yourself a favor & rent/buy the series on dvd! Then on September 30th get your butt to the theater to see this movie! Seriously! You like Star Wars? Lord of the Rings? Trust me, you will love this. If you liked Buffy or Angel, why the heck haven't you seen this already? Dude, its Joss!

There was even a "special message" from Joss at the beginning of the film that was very heart-warming.. actually made me a little teary. And, Summer Glau was there in the flesh! She is absolutely adorable!

There were a few things that didn't quite click in the movie, but they were fairly minor & will probably be cleaned up in the final editing process. I totally can't wait to see the final cut.

I am not a complete freak, & I would probably not have done this for any other film or tv show. This one is special. It crosses genre's & gender lines. It's the show that the cast, crew & fans refused to let die. Its a kind of magic. See It!

Ok, geekiness is over.. next post will be on knitting! :)


Dragon Whispers said...

Just watched the trailer and I absolutely have to see this movie when it comes out! I'm a major geek when it comes to fantasy!! I like SciFi too and love anything with magic in it.

Thanks for the awesome alert Kim!! Can't wait to see it in Sept.


Kimberly said...

Yippie! Geeks unite! LOL

Jane said...

I liked the Firefly series while it was on tv for far too short a season. I've been reading science fiction since back in the days of Heinlein's Star Beast. It's taken a bit of talking, but the library is finally starting to get some sci-fi titles in the large print for us pre-baby-boomers {g}

Pretentious Wombat said...

I can't wait for Serenity, also! Of course, at least we get Joss here at DragonCon in September and a bunch of the cast members, too. Nothing like adding to the excitement, what?

Hey, we have a bunch of geek knitters here. That's awesome. :-)