Thursday, May 05, 2005

Please Stand By....

This blog is currently experiencing technical difficulties. Steming from the fact that the blogger has no technical proficiency whatsoever & managed to delete half the code from her template when adding a link! A smart person would have a backup saved so this may be easily rectified. I am not a smart person. Oh no! I jump into things all willy nilly & delete without saving first incase I screw up!

I spent a few hours last night trying to get the blog back to its previous state & I think I am almost there. Hopefully you will be returned to your originally scheduled blog this evening!

(insert cheesy hold music here)


Dragon Whispers said...

LOL I can certainly relate to that! I have a fantasy forum and I tried to update the whole forum and wound up loosing the whole thing!! Lucky for me one of my members saved the day by walking me through the set up again. I too didn't back-up and I still keep forgetting to back up! I haven't yet learned my lesson yet!.

Great template by the way ;-D


Denise said...

You know what song I have in my head when you mention "on hold music"? Girl from Ipanema, like in the dentists' office in Finding Nemo.

I need to get out more.