Monday, July 09, 2007

Yarn Of The Month Club

I recently joined the Yarn of the Month Club and received my first package on Friday.

The samples are all linen blends and not yarns that I would typically knit with.

This is Cinnabar by Louisa Harding, 30% Viscose/25% Cotton/15% Acrylic/10% Silk/10% Linen.
Very rich colors on this yarn, but definitely not a yarn I would ever buy. It looks like the type of yarn they make tassels out of for very expensive, very stuffy draperies. (bleck!)

This is Damask by Rowan, 57% Viscose/22% Linen/21% Acrylic. I have to say I like this one & am anxious to knit up a swatch. The colors are very rich & jewel-like. The viscose content makes the yarn somewhat silky. It's a very pretty yarn that I probably would have never picked up otherwise.

This is Kidlin by Louet, 53% Kid Mohair/24% Linen/23% Nylon. Very soft yarn. However, the plys are not holding together well. I think it would be a nightmare to knit with, although the finished product would probably be quite lovely. I am reserving judgment on this one until after swatching.

This is Korella by Gedifra, 53% Linen/47% Acrylic. This yarn is quite lovely. The acrylic content tones down the roughness you get with some linens. First impressions are that it would give very nice stitch definition.

All in all my first batch of samples is somewhat a mixed bag, but I guess that's the point! I'm really looking forward to future deliveries! :)

WIP, FOs & other Yarn porn will be up in the next few days.


Ruinwen said...

Thanks for sharing. What a neat way to see and experience new yarns! :)

Denise said...

Cool idea. Hey, went to knitting last night and the crazy christians have taken over our area. Help!! I know it's summer -- maybe we could find someplace new until fall?