Thursday, July 26, 2007

HP Swap Update

I just received the most adorable stitch-markers for my Gryffindor pal from an Etsy shop! Hee! Since this isn't a secret swap, I'm not going to show you yet. You will all have to be patient & wait until the swap is over!

I also received the first set of Gryffindor colored yarn I ordered, which is beautiful, but I think I'm going to hold that for my sister since there isn't enough to make tall socks with and I doubt I would get the same dye-lot if I ordered another skein. Therefore a new order has been sent off to Diagon Alley and I am eagerly awaiting my return owl so that I may get knitting!

1 comment:

Avada Vector said...

not enough for tall socks you say... hmmm... :-) I am excited! Thank goodness its Friday- I'm planning on getting most of one sock done this weekend!