Friday, July 06, 2007

Running Off With The Circus

That's what I did this week. Saturday morning I flew into Laguardia Airport, honey picked me up and then we drove down to Bethlehem, PA for the Gandalf Murphy & The Slambovian Circus of Dreams concert at Godfrey Daniels. It's a neat little venue (only seats about 100) that reminds me a lot of the old Ark. The show was great! Unfortunately, their AC wasn't working so it was hotter than hell in there! (sigh)

After we finished packing up honey's gear, we drove 3 hrs to Cold Spring, NY (the circus' hometown), which was the actual destination of this trip. You see, the circus was putting on a free show in their town gazebo on Sunday that honey really wanted me to come out for. I'm so glad I did! Here are some pics from Sunday (click for big)...
This is our room. We stayed at the Hudson House Inn. Absolutely lovely inn! Highly recommend to anyone who is going to the area. The food is delicious and the beds are super comfy!

The view from said room. That's the gazebo where the concert took place. Nice location, huh?

A couple shots of the stage before the show.

The fire department fife & drum corps started the concert off. Here's a shot of them playing with the circus.
These are the views from the square in front of the gazebo. The water you see is the Hudson river. The town is located in an area called the Hudson Highlands (which is the same region as Rhinebeck!)

This show was amazing! Such a lovely setting & the crowd was really appreciative!

We spent Monday leisurely exploring the town & hanging out with Tink, Joziah, Sharkey & Tony. Absolutely wonderful people! This is the first time I've really had to spend with them. I've gone to a few shows & have exchanged a few pleasantries, but never really had the opportunity to talk with any of them. The are just lovely, sweet people. The genuinely care for each other & about what they are doing. I'm so thrilled that they've adopted Kris into their tribe. I sincerely hope things work out so that he can do sound for them full time & not have to work a day job.

Oh, and yes we checked out the real estate market for the area... :)

I was going to post some knitting content, but I think this post is long enough. I will save it for later. Besides, we're off to Chicago this weekend to meet our niece Sofia & my mil at the train station (they are riding in from Seattle).

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