Thursday, June 09, 2005

Secret Pal-y Goodness

Ok.. this is my third attempt at this post.. I keep accidently hitting the back button & erasing it! grrrr

Last night I came home to a note in my mailbox from my friendly neighborhood postal worker. "Devilery Attempt" it said. "Who could be sending me a package?", I say to myself.. why, in the right hand corner it says who.. "Secret Pal"! WHEEEEE! PRESENTS! I LOVE presents!!!!

The anticipation... oh, waiting waiting waiting til morning.. rushing to the post office first thing this morning..(I was running late for work anyways, whats a couple more minutes).. Barely containing my enthusiasm I grab my package & constrain myself from ripping it open right there & then. Hurry back to car, tear top flap... oooooo.. wanna see?

Image hosted by

My pal must be reading my blog to know my not so secret obsession with bags! LOL This shall enable me nicely! THANKS!!

She also loaded me up on sugar! A handful of tootsie pops & a bag of Maynards Wine Gums... which is a British candy that is sort of a cross between juju fruits & sour gummy bears.. very yummy, although I can't figure out where she would have got them in Oklahoma! :)

Ok.. serious sugar buzz going.. gotta go knit!


heather said...

Hey! I just bought myself that book today! Loving it.
Don't you love the Secret pal thing?
Happy knitting and purling!

SecretPalPumpkin said...

I'm not from Oklahoma, silly SP!!!
I'm glad you liked your first gift!
The origin of the Wine Gums shall remain my secret, muahahahahahaha....
Hope you enjoy, SP!

Kimberly said...

LOL! I just assumed because of the return address on the package.. although I figured out that the rest was false.. LOL

Thanks again, it will get lots of use! :)

Dragon Whispers said...

Hi Kim!

Oooo I've had my eye on that book, you lucky girl!! As for the wine gums we have those here in abundance lol. Could your SP be from Canada???


Christy said...

Or perhaps your secret pal spends quality time in World Market?