Sunday, June 19, 2005

M. J.s

Remember my post on Wednesday? Well, I was going to tweak the pocketbook slipper pattern, but once I got started I really didn't like how it was headed. But I liked the mary jane style. So Friday I started making a pattern up.

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I knit it in 3 pieces; top, sole & strap. It went very quickly (about 5 hours total) & took just over 1 skein of the Classic Elite Flash! in Lotus Blossom. The fit is much better, since it isn't ment to fit a range of sizes & I like that more of my foot is covered.

Wish I knew a cobbler! I would love to knit a pair that could be attached to a hard sole.. that would be so much fun!! :)


Joanne said...

Those are really pretty. You should totally look into finding someone who could put on soles or see if you could learn how to do it yourself!

P.S. I changed my blog address AGAIN (back to Little Myths--I know!) but it's the last time, I promise. Hee hee, I'm a mess.

Kimberly said...

lmao. you are so cute! btw- you should be receiving a housewarming present in the mail on Monday.

Yeah, I know its late, but hey at least we finally got it mailed! :p

Debi said...
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Joanne said...

Awwwwww! You guys!

For once I am looking forward to a Monday(hee hee).

Oh and we get to see Serenity on Thursday! Whoo Hoo!!

Kate said...

Very nice modifications! Are you willing to post your pattern on your blog?

Kimberly said...

I certainly will. Its easy enough & sure others could easily change it to fit themselves! :)

I have it written up & will post it tonight.