Wednesday, June 29, 2005

No particular thing to show

knittin and spinnin along although,
I've no particular thing to show...

Ok.. well maybe one thing to show

Image hosted by
sari silk skein

Image hosted by
a close-up for those actually
interested in the yarn & not the kitty

I will have you know that, not only did Barnum barge his way into the photo, but Windle (see upper left photo) decided that this would be the perfect time to play parrot kitty. I took the above pix with his hind legs drapped over my shoulders &, literally, wearing his ass for a hat! THATS LOVE!

Anyways.. about the sari silk. What a huge pain in the ass to spin! The fibers are all in a mishmash. You have to cut down the length & separate and it still comes out loopy! The stray strands keep getting caught on the hooks of my flyer & making a mess!

That said, the yarn is super fun! I think I have finally got the hang of spinning this stuff & can't wait to knit it up. (yes, I know I'm psycho)

As for knitting, I got another few rows done on the Cathay tank and several rounds done on the second Princess tank while at knit-in last night. And, I am really kicking myself for not bringing my camera, as there was so much loveliness! Elicia (sorry if I mis-spelled!!) brought the yummiest little vest she had made for her daughter out of an angora blend... I just wanted to cuddle up with it! Emily was wearing Grace, which she had finished last week, and was absolutely adorable! Jennie was working on her second beaded wrist-warmer, which simpley fascinates me. And, best of all, Ingrid brought her mum who is in from New Zealand! She knits even faster than her daughter & is frankly a fiber goddess! She was working on a gorgeous lace shawl made with a merino/possum blend that she had spun. Oh so pretty!

I think I need to find me an opossum...

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Heather said...

Your sari yarn looks great! It's probably better that the stuff you can buy in the lys.
If you need 'possums, we've got some out here in the road free for the takin'.....