Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wilton Dyeing

'Twas a very dreary, rainy weekend & I had nothing to do. So I headed off to yonder Michaels and procured a quantity of icing dyes. What follows is a pictorial representation of events. :)
Honey stated that this "looks like a tie-dye exploded!"
But in a good way.

Behold the finished skeins!
The skeins are much lovelier when viewed individually, but I thought this post was already a bit picture heavy.

The 2 skeins on the left are worsted weight and were my 1st skeins dyed. I hand-painted them and then tried to set them by simmering them in a pot. The colors ran too much and muddied, so I ended up overdyeing them. They turned out pretty good considering.

The 2 skeins on top right are fingering weight (sock yarn). They are self-striping and were dyed using the same method as my previous kool-aid dye session.

The 3 skeins on bottom right are hand-painted and were set using the microwave.
I'm really pleased with this batch of dyeing. The wilton dyes are easy to use and blend soooo much better than the kool-aid. The colors are more vibrant as well, although they still pale next to professional acid dyes. However, I don't have a dedicated dye-space, so the non-toxic food coloring will work for me for now.

BTW- I will be off for a few days. Honey & I are going to Seattle on Friday to finally meet Declan and hang out with his parents as well as Honey's brother & family. It's a short trip, only for the weekend, but well worth it. I will be sure to give the rundown when I return! :)


Ruinwen said...

Those are some amazing colorways! You are right the Wilton dyes are really vibrant! :)

Joanne said...

Oh those skeins look beautiful!

And, yay visit! :)

JenW!~ said...

Love those skiens. Colors are very pretty.

Anonymous said...

They look like very colorful snakes, especially the rolled up one.

Have fun in Seattle with Joanne, Hone and the Baby!

Denise said...

Yum, yum, yummy. Hope you had a great trip. See ya soon?