Thursday, September 06, 2007

Seattle Story

One of Seattle's pigs

I don't want to give a long, drawn out account of our trip. Frankly, we didn't do much. Our purpose was to hang out with family & friends and to finally meet little Declan. This we did, and we had a wonderful time. I'm just sorry our trip was so short.

Declan's feet in the socks I knit

The t-west contingency was very kind to put up with us for the weekend, we are such trying creatures. Honey's brother even made us homemade bagels on Saturday morning! Next time we will have to stay longer so we can have more time with everyone and maybe have time to hit the yarn shops. :)

BTW- with all of that time on planes (6+hrs each way), I was able to finish my Gryffindor socks! The package is almost ready to go, I just need to pick up some goodies...


Dawn said...

Ohhhh look at those little baby feet!! Those socks are too cute.

Avada Vector said...

I promise to have your socks done and to you by Halloween. I'm excited to get mine. I like how the toe is looking on yours. The other knitter in my sock knitting class used this kind of yarn, and I have 4 more balls for socks for other people. (me included) keep your fingers crossed!