Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Friday Night

Grant you, kinda boring & fuddy-duddy but more excitement than I usually have! So what are the little doughballs? Well, you may remember me writing of the fantastic bagels my bil made for us when we were out in Seattle. Honey tried to make them the weekend after we go back, but they didn't turn out quite right. I think its because he just scooped the flour into the batter with the measuring cup instead of measuring it properly. The dough was extremely stiff, but the bagels were still quite tasty. So last night I decided to give it a try myself!
This is what they looked like before being put into the frig overnight. And this is what they look like after being baked this morning...
Bagel with asiago cheese,
oregano & basil

OMG! I am the bagel master! XD Seriously, best bagels ever! The recipe is quite easy, it's just a bit time consuming what with waiting for the dough to rise and all, and the ingredients are what most people already have in their house except for the yeast and the malt powder, which we couldn't even find and used malt syrup instead. I'm so excited! All my previous attempts at any kind of bread making were disasterous (not counting quick breads which don't have yeast). I think I'll be making these for Christmas morning. :)


Anonymous said...

Nice job on the bagels, Kim. Isn't it great when there's a fool-proof baked goods recipe? I've never attempted bread, but I love the stuff my hubby makes, plus Indian fry bread.

Kimberly said...

Thanks for the link to the recipe. Your bagels look yummy!

Angela said...

I am TOTALLY making these!