Monday, October 01, 2007

One Happy Ravenclaw

My package from Avada arrived today! Whee! She told me the other day that she was finishing much sooner than anticipated and should be mailing soon. She certainly spoiled me!
Super comfy House Socks, pretty stitch markers, Empress size 2 needles, Cascade fixation yarn, pedicure set, lotion, magnet, Harry notepad, dark chocolate (mmmm moose munch, won't last long...) & jam! I'm overwhelmed!

Not only were there yummy treats for me, but there were even goodies for Corrina. The greenie is already history and the freezer pops are being eagerly awaited. :)

Close up of stitch markers

Ravenclaw House Socks

The socks fit perfectly & are super comfy. They are warming the feets even as I type! :) Thanks so much for making this the most fun swap ever!

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Avada Vector said...

Yippy! I am so glad you like it. The socks aren't as fancy as the ones that you made for me. But, they are comfy. I'm glad you like everything- I sent the extra yarn, in-case you need to make repairs.