Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Contest Winner!

Ok. Dude. I totally suck! Here the contest ended like 5 days ago & I am just now announcing the winner!!

Now, I did try to do this a few times, but my internet connection keeps dropping (grrrr).

Anywho.. without further ado, the winning name is Ellette (little elf). The name was submitted by the lurvly Emily, who will be receiving a total of 3.6 oz of handspun merino. There is approx. 175yds total, and the yarn is sport wght.

Also, an honorable mention goes to Jenn for shear number of entries. She will be receiving this 2.4oz skein of handspun merino. There is approx. 75 yds. and the yarn is about worsted weight.

Thanks to everyone who entered, you all submitted some great names and it was very difficult to decide!! XD

btw- HP4 totally kicked ass! The best movie so far.. definitely!


Jenn said...

Thanks! Congrats Emily! Love the name :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there SP!
Your last SP giftie went in the mail today... you should have it Friday! :) YAY! Hope you like it!
:) SP

me myself and i said...

lovely yarn!! Great name too!!

Emily said...

Wow I won! Ellette will be great name for your girl, and very appropriate. The yarn you spun looks beautiful! Thanks!