Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Knit In Ann Arbor

Last night I took the plunge & went to my very first knitting meetup at Sweetwaters in A2. I was pretty nervous. You may be surprised, but those who know me well can tell you I am actually very shy & have a hard time meeting people!

Anyways, I had a total blast! There were about a doz. knitters who came in through the evening. They were all very nice & educated & funny! I was particularly excited to meet Lynne whose blog I have been reading for a while! She is great fun! I was astonished to learn she has only been knitting for a year!! WOW!

So, not only did I meet some wonderful ladies, I got to spend 3 hours knitting! I finished my increases for the french market bag & even knit about an inch on my sis' sox!

I will definitely be going back next Tuesday & am looking forward to getting to know all the ladies I met!

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freddyknits said...

I had fun too :) See you next week!

Ann Arbor area knitters - check out our knitting group blog:

Sue said...

What fun! I always look forward to the bi-monthly knitting group at my local library. And there's no shyness among knitters!

heather said...

You're so lucky you found a group! Neat!
I know what you mean about being nervous. I freak out around groups of people. Put me in a room with more than three people and I want to melt away.
That's great you made yourself go, and I'm glad you had fun. Don't you love having knittin' buddies?

ingrid said...

what! there's a knitting group on Tuesday night? I'm in the sweetwaters knitting group that meets on monday night! Thi could be the end of my marriage ...monday night knitting is you tell me there is a tuesday night!

Dragon Whispers said...

I too know what you mean about being shy with meeting new people. I'm so glad you went and it certainly sounds like you had a blast!


Jeffry Banaszak said...

Quite agreed.