Monday, April 11, 2005

Boycott Smileys!

Here is a snippet from an ongoing issue with smileys from Diana of knitchicks...

Here's my note to Smiley's:
I received an order today, AA43673. The
Berella Polar yarn is the wrong color. I ordered Wine/Spruce/Brown. The
yarn enclosed is Wine/Mist/Ombre. I had started a swatch and noticed it
is not what I had in mind then I checked the yarn label. How shall I
return it for an exchange?
Thank you,
Here's my note back:
The color you received is the same color that you ordered. Berella calls
it " Wine Mist Ombre". As stated on our website under "return policy",
all sales are final.
Here's my reply to that:
No it is not what I ordered. The yarn has a totally different name. On your website it reads Wine/Spruce/Brown that is NOT what I received. It has NO brown in it! How can Wine/Mist/Ombre be the same as Wine/Spruce/Brown?
A no return policy is fine when it's my mistake but not when it is the companies. I was sent the wrong yarn. You'll get no furthure business from me or several others I share this with."

The latest update is that Smiley's has changed their website so the yarn now reads Wine/Mist/Ombre, but is doing absolutely nothing to satisfy Diana.. they haven't even apologized! I understand they have a no return policy, but they should allow her to swap this yarn since it was misrepresented! She has been forced to sell the yarn in an Ebay Auction

I have never purchased from Smileys & now I never will. Please spread the word that this is not a good company to deal with. They obviously do not understand the meaning of customer service & are unwilling to acknowledge their own mistakes!

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