Friday, April 15, 2005

Sad day

I got to work this morning & opened my email to discover that my previous lys is going out of business! They were such a sweet little store! And they are the only store in a 40 mile radius that actually carried spinning supplies! :( They are liquidating everything, so I will probably make a trek out there this weekend to pick up some bargins & say goodbye... (sob)

In other news we went to see David Sedaris last night. OMG is he hilariuos!! 2 hours of his stories & I thought I might actually wet myself I was laughing so hard! There is just something about his delivery of his stories that make them so much more entertaining than simply reading them from his books. And he mostly read new material too! He is currently doing a 30 day tour so you should see if he is coming to your town!!

No knitting done the last few days, although I have been hand winding hanks because my ball winder (although unpacked) is currently under a pile of about 15 boxes & quite frankly I'm too lazy to dig through them to get at it!


freddyknits said...

I went to David Sedaris last night, too. I almost pee'd my pants half a dozen times.

What LYS is closing? I live in AA, too. We can commiserate together.

Kimberly said...

LOL! I nearly died when he was reading "old faithful"! :)

It is A Gathering Basket in Chelsea. It's pretty small, but they did have a decent selection of yarns & the owner is a sweetheart! :(

Dragon Whispers said...

Sounds like you both had lots of good laughs at the David Sedaris show. Glad you had fun. ;-)

That's is sad about your LYS. It's hard to find ones that carry specialty fibers locally. I have to do my ordering on-line because I can't find one here at all other than Michaels and Walmart.

Enjoy your day shopping this weekend. I'm sure you will get some great buys.