Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The end is nigh!?

Its Tuesday & I am still living in the land of boxes.. but it seems the end is nearing... I hope. We are loving the new place. The cats are particularing enamored of the enclosed front porch. Since the weather has been so lovely the past few days (78 today), we have been leaving the front door open so they may enjoy it at their whim.. they are most excited by all the little kids across the street! LOL

Thank god my mil hired movers for us, we ended up with 3 1/2 TONS of stuff in the truck & that wasn't even everything! My wheel & loom are still at the old place & dh moved about 100 boxes before the movers even came! I have no idea where all this crap came from!! But the living room, bedroom & bathroom are all set.. the kitchen & honey's office are 90% done.. and I am getting my computer desk tonight so I may set that up & retrieve my loom & wheel tomorrow.

We would be further along, but the place was an absolute mess when we got here. The kitchen especially! Not only hadn't anything been wiped down in ages, but there were globs of dried jam on the counter & gods only knows what on the stove & cupboards! It took me 2 days & half a bottle of lysol cleaner with bleach to get that stuff clean! I'm sure the fumes killed off several brain cells, but they were the weak ones anyhow! LOL

Ok.. done for now.. hopefully I'll actually be able to get back to knitting by the end of the week!!


Sue said...

Kim, I'm so glad you like your new house. Old houses are the best! Before we moved into our house, we had to gut the kitchen and redo most of the rooms. They hadn't been updated in 20 years! Enjoy!!

Dragon Whispers said...

I know what you mean Kim with the lysol and bleach! I had to do the same when we moved into our house. Once it's all done though isn't it great to be in the new surroundings? Heh makes me want to move now lol!

Have fun unpacking and sorting your stuff.

Melanie said...

Why do people do that? I live in a 50 year old home that has been rented for that long. People don't take care of things. I can't grasp that concept.
Glad you're all moved and settled!!!