Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Embossed Leaves

Finished another pair of socks!
Pattern: Embossed Leaves by Mona Schmidt from Interweave Knits Winter 2005 (also in the book Favorite Socks).
Yarn: Knit Picks Bare Fingering weight 100% Merino, dyed by me with Kool Aid
Needles: size 2 dpn

Notes: I'm pretty happy with the way these turned out. I made a few modifications to the pattern. I changed the heel from stockinette to slip-stitch and I did fewer decreases on the toe. The pattern called for decreasing down to 4 sts, I decreased to 16 sts and I'm glad I did.. the toe on these would have been very pointy if I hadn't. I really do like this style of toe decrease though, it compliments this pattern very well!

I don't know if I will make these again. The pattern is lovely, easy to follow and goes quickly. However, I find that I like the appearance of the sock better when it's not stretched out (i.e., not being worn). These will be going to my mum for her birthday. Now if I can just keep my dad from throwing them in the dryer...

I would like to thank everyone who participated in my poll. I appears that the overwhelming majority prefers my WordPress blog, so I will be switching over. However, we are going to be running it off our own domain so it will take a few days to get it set up. I will be keeping the blog running here in the meantime. :)


Mary Warner said...

I am so incredibly jealous of your knitting speed and talent, Kim. Once again, great job on the socks. They're very fine and jim dandy.

Meanbean said...

Nice socks! I'm interested in your stash (on destash!) how does a girl get her hands on your stash? ;)

Kimberly said...


Thanks for the comment & your interest in my stash! :)

Send me an email to sockknitter42@gmail.com and let me know which yarns you are interested in!

Ruinwen said...

Beautiful socks! That is really a great pattern and I love the color! :)

prunila said...