Monday, November 30, 2009

Cowl #3

My first moebius scarf! I really like it. Simple, versatile & comfy!

I knit it in simple garter stitch on size 10 circs. I wanted it to stretch a bit so it would have extra give when doubled up as a neck warmer. I also wanted it to be reversible due to its moebius nature. I used homespun yarn in a beautiful merino/silk blend that I spun back in 2005! Unfortunately my camera can't capture the richness of the color, but you get a bit of the shimmer in the first pic.

I also whipped up a bunch of wool dryer balls this weekend!

I had a great time doing that! For those who haven't heard about them, they are just felted balls of wool. You pop 3 or 4 of them in the dryer instead of dryer sheets... they naturally reduce static and improve your drying time and the lanolin from the wool acts as a fabric softener! I tried them out with my towels yesterday and they work great, plus you can use them over & over again! I've got some for sale on ArtFire & Etsy. :)

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