Saturday, January 12, 2008


Well I think I'm slowly coming out of my creative funk without the aid of the spa (I'll save that until I'm really stressed out!). However, I'm not there yet.

A few days ago I cast-on my first project from the new Cat Bordhi book New Pathways For Sock Knitters. I have to say when my sil first showed me this book I was blown away. The patterns are so creative and the construction is quite different. I was so excited when I received the book for x-mas! Imagine my dismay when I discovered that I couldn't just jump into a pattern but had to read the book first, and then actually do math (shudder) to determine the number of stitches required for every pattern! I, who fearlessly knit sweaters without checking gauge, am now required to knit a swatch for every pattern just to determine the number of stitches required! Tsk! :)

Anyways, I dutifully did my swatch and got my numbers and then started knitting Bartholomew's Tantalizing Socks.

I have to say that I'm not feeling the love for these. I really like the pattern, but I'm not liking the way this attempt is progressing. I think a froggin is in order.


Mary said...

This is a beautiful pattern, Kim. Tell me (because I can't tell from the picture!), how is it not progressing properly? And what is a froggin'?

Kimberly said...

I believe I messed up the linen stitch at one point because there is a portion where the stitches don't flow properly. I also think I changed needle sizes too early.

The picture in the book has the top portion folded over (robin hood style), but the length I knitted (which was the given length) is too short to be attractive.

Oh, and frogging is where you rip out the stitches (rip it, rip it). :)

Mary said...

Thanks for the explanation. I'm going to have to tell my knitting family members about frogging. :)