Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What The?

So, last night I came home & there was something different. Then it dawned on me that our "Impeach Bush" sign was gone. The frame was still there (probably frozen in the ground), but the sign itself was missing. Not on the ground, not torn, just gone. I went inside.

me: Did you know the Bush sign was gone?
Honey: WHAT?!
me: Our impeach Bush sign is gone!
Honey: No way! I have to see this!

Sure enough, it is gone. Honey walked down to our neighbor's house who also had one.. their's is gone too. However, their "Peace" sign was still in place! Interesting.

So, apparently we upset someone. Oh Darn. We are thinking of getting an even bigger sign.. and maybe rigging a camera this time to see what happens.

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