Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow Day!

I'm so excited, like a kid! I haven't had a real snow day since high school! My office is closed because of the inclement weather, so NO WORK! WHEE!

Apparently, even though they had 2 days notice of the storm, Washtenaw County decided not to put salt trucks & plows on the road last night... even though it started snowing around 3pm and they knew we were projected to get upwards of 8", with major drifting! So, this morning the surface streets are terrible and the evidently the road to my office is virtually impassible.

This, of course , is second hand knowledge. Honey called me about 15 min ago to tell me they were closing the office & not to bother coming in! SQUEE!

Puppy is very happy. She is having such a blast in the snow... she thinks it mighty tasty!

OH! I have to relay the cutest thing. I watched a bit of the Westminster Dog Show on Monday & Tuesday. Personally, I was hoping the Akita or Bouvier would win. (see below)

But, anyhow... Corrina was laying on the couch next to me and then the tv caught her eye. She immediately perked-up and was very intently watching the dogs! When the bigger breeds would come on she would start a very low growl, like she was telling them to get out of her house! When the toy group came on, she ran over to the tv & was trying to sniff them! awwwww! She got very excited when the boxer came on... there's a boxer that she plays with regularly at the dog park! :)

Off to a bit of shoveling and then warm up with some tea!

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