Sunday, July 02, 2006

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Well it has been one jammed pack week. I don't know where to start!!

I suppose I'll begin with the spinning. Yesterday was the first day of Le Tour de Fleece. Carla was extremely generous & loaned me the use of her Ashford Charkha for spinning up the cotton.

I've never spun off the quill before, but I kinda like it! Unfortunately, the drive band snapped at the join & I had to switch over to my drop spindle. Luckily this beauty if very light-weight, so the cotton has been spinning just fine on it. I must admit I was very nervous about spinning cotton, I've heard a lot of horror stories. But my experience has been pretty nice. I think its because I have high quality cotton in a roving, so the tiny staple length hasn't been a problem. I actually find it easier than spinning silk, at least it cotton wants to grip onto itself!

All in all, I think I got about .5 ounce spun yesterday, which isn't too bad. The Tour lasts for 21 days & I have 8 oz to spin. I think I'll be able to do it, especially if I can get a replacement band for the Charkha by then. :)

In knitting news, I finished the first Hedera sock & am about 3 repeats into the leg of sock #2!

Notice the tiny foot? Between the stretchiness of both the koigu yarn & the pattern, there wasn't much knitting needed after turning the heel! See?

It was passed around at knitting on Tuesday & it fit practically EVERYONE! Yippie for stretchy socks!! :)

Sadly, this past week saw the departure of sweet Emily from our knitting group. She left Friday for Salt Lake City, UT, where she is gonna shack up with some guy! ;)
We will sorely miss her & wish her (and Ben) the best!!

Here are some pics from her last Knit-In:

Wow. This is turning into one long post. I guess I will save the rest for later. Don't worry, puppy will be involved. Maybe even kitty if you are good! :)

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CJ said...

I'm so sorry about the drive band! I'll pick up some polycord and get it to you ASAP. I am glad the drop spindle is working out so well.