Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Happy Birthday MOM!

Ok. I'm a day late, her birthday was actually the 10th, but I was laid up with ickiness (sore throat, congested lungs, general ookiness) and was not up for the blogging. Yeah, I know... I get sick a lot. But hey, not as much as I used to!

Anyways, mom will be getting her b-day present later this week. I want to make sure the ookiness is completely gone before visiting. The last thing she needs is to get sick on top of all her other woes!

Anywho, y'all are gonna get a sneak peek at her b-day gifty!

The eagle-eyed reader may recognize these as the finished Hedera socks! I decided to gift them to mom for 2 reasons.
1. The pattern & yarn are super stretchy, which means they will still fit her when her leg swells up like a balloon.
2. She needs something soft & warm, and I haven't knit her anything in a while.(Yes, I am still working on the sweater for her for x-mas, but the pattern was lost in the move and I have to order it before I can finish it. There's still 6 months, I can do it!!)

In Tour de Fleece news, I am still chuggin along on the cotton, however I am woefully behind. There are only 10 days left & I am not even halfway through the 1st 4oz roving yet! EEK!

So, are you ready for today's big news? Crazy lady gave me a raise! This is shocking! Especially when you consider that my extra $.40 an hour will probably cost her 3 times as much since I am still a measley temp! Granted, this reinforces the idea that I will never get out of this place.

But hey, Google is opening an office in Ann Arbor, they must need admins!! :)


Dani said...

Happy Birthday to your mom =) Those socks look awesome, Im sure she will love them!

Joanne said...

Those socks look great! Sorry to hear about the ookiness. Hope you are all better now.