Saturday, February 18, 2006

Fleece Fair, WIP, & FO (finally)

Hi all!

Remember me? I know.. I totally suck. Been so wrapped up in the Olympics & dealing with my mom's latest healthcare crisis that I just haven't been up to blogging.

Well, here I am at last & with exciting news. Today was the Spinner's Flock Spring (ha!) Fleece Fair in Chelsea. I was very good & didn't go overboard.. I still have quite a bit of fleece at home that needs spinning, but I can never resist new stuff. Honey even came with & did the buying! He Rocks!

Here's the haul...

There are 2 4oz rovings of Pima Cotton (yum); 2 8oz rovings from a Rambouilett/Merino cross ewe in a luscious rich brown; and 1 8oz roving that is an 70/20/10 blend of Merino, Silk, & Blue-faced Leicester. The colors are so girlie & the roving soo soft I just had to get it to make something for my niece with. XD

The fleece fair was just amazing this year. Every year it gets bigger & better. Now, if they would just have more people manning the check-outs everything would be great!!

So, in my last post I showed you the plastic bag yarn I was making. Here in the WIP:

I just need to make the handles, which I haven't decided how I want to do yet. So far it has turned out pretty nice.

Oh, and I finally finished honey's socks! On Valentine's Day (only 2 months late)!

Love that mountain colors yarn!! The colorway is Pheasant and it took less than a skein! Whee!

Oh. Joanne? Get a look at Kris' new guitar!

Its a Craviola by Jay Turser guitars. He just got it yesterday & it has a surprisingly rich tone for being very narrow in body. They are discontinued, so he got quite a deal on it through I thought Brian might get a kick out of seeing it! ;)

That's all for now. I'm off to indulge in my Girl Scout cookies, spin some fiber & watch the Olympics!


CJ said...

Mmmm, that ramboulett/merino cross was so lovely I bought some in white. I couldn't believe how soft it was! Can't wait to start spinning it.

Joanne said...

Is that a plastic bag made out of plastic bags? Hee!!!

Neat guitar!

Brian says, " Coolio! Post a picture of Kris playing it so we can get an idea of how honking big it is."


Denise said...

I so wanted to go on Saturday, but was too sick X-P Would have been great to see everybody!