Monday, February 27, 2006

Eek! & Squee!

A couple weeks ago my hubby & I got into a discussion about looking for a new place since our lease is up in April. We were planning on renewing, but he wanted to see what was out there in order to make an educated decision. I was advocating we at least see what we qualified for in terms of a mortgage. Our initial plan when we moved out here would be that we would rent for a year & then attempt to buy a house.

So, after a lot of cajoling, Kris submitted an application via and we quickly got responses. I was sure we would, but he didn't think so because his credit is kinda crappy. Not only were we approved, but with pretty decent terms too. So much so that Kris now thought it was crazy not to buy a house because we would be paying less on a mortgage than we are renting!

Friday we hired a buyer's agent & drove around. Saturday we did drive-bys on about 20 houses. Yesterday we hit the open houses. Today we are going out with the agent to look at some more.

We are going to buy a house!

Our First House!




Ingrid said...

Good luck! The housing market is a buyers one right now! But if you find one you love put an offer on right away (because the good ones go faster than the speed of light)

Emily said...

That's so exciting!!

Sedie said...

Good luck! What a wonderful step to be taking. Enjoy the process.