Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Dude! I SO need a new Job!!

Ok. I was about 5 minutes from work & had just pulled over to get my morning tea when my cell phone rings. Its that crazy-ass boss of mine. You see, she is going out of town today & won't be back until next Wednesday. Well, she has decided that she doesn't have enough work for me to do while she is gone.. which is insane, because there is a shit-ton of work on my desk which I haven't had a chance to do because everyday is a new crisis with her. Anyways.. I have the next week off. Which sucks cause no work=no pay! Technically I am still a temp so I don't get vacation time, or paid days off in any way, shape or form. grrrrrrr!

So, here I am at home. Until next Thursday. sigh.

At least this gives me an opportunity to job hunt. I have spent the morning filling out a bunch of bid forms for U of M and scouring for anything promising. I so hate job hunting. I'm not very good at it & I'm even worse at job interviews. sigh.

So, taking a break from the frustration I have been doing a little blog surfing. Which led me to this Johari site from the blog Brilliant Disguise. Please check it out so I can see just how self-deluded I am! ;)

Now onto the knits!

I could not wait to spin up the Merino/Silk/Bluefaced Leicester blend I picked up on Saturday. So, while watching the Olympics Saturday evening, I spun up about 200 yds of this...

Worsted energized singles

Which I promptly knit into this...

I based it off the elf hat in Handknit Holidays, but I modified it so much that it no longer reflects the pattern. I made this for my geekie niece. I just hope it fits! :)
I am thinking of making her matching mittens & a scarf. I think I may do the ruffle scarf pattern of Jillian's. Too cute!!

I also got started on my mum's sweater. Its not really fair isle enough, but she will love it. I will just need to do fair isle for someone else.

Wow.. this was a long post! See what happens when I don't have to work! ;)


Sedie said...

Good luck with the job search, I know how frustrting that can be. Your projects look really good. I can't beleive you did the hat so quickly.

Joanne said...

Damn! What a lame boss. You so need a new job.

Here's my haiku for you:

Kim needs a new job
Because her boss is crazy
But aren't they all?



Kimberly said...


You have the best Haiku!! XD

freddyknits said...

Wow - you spun that up and knit the hat since Saturday? I am deeply impressed. Lovely, both in yarn and hat form.

Good luck with the job hunt - I check the UM jobs every day so I will keep an eye out fer ya.

When will you be coming to knit again? We miiiiisss you!

You will love this - the word verification word is tthfngrl - The Fun Girl!

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