Monday, April 28, 2008

All Sewn Up

The weekend before last I went out to my folks and my mother very obviously hinted that she would like a lap blanket for when she is in her wheelchair. She even showed me a knitting pattern, which was absolutely hideous.

Now, I love my mum, but there is no way I was going to spend the time and energy knitting a blanket only to have it destroyed the first time she uses it. Because of her medical conditions, she is uncoordinated and she often falls asleep in mid-sentence... this combined with a full cup of juice or food and a hand knit blanket spells disaster.

Instead I decided to sew her a blanket. This would fulfill her wish, would make life easier on my sister & father because it would be machine washer/dryer friendly, and save me a lot of time, money & sanity.

So Saturday afternoon I spent a few hours whipping this up while watching Jane Austen movies. I got a baseline for the size from the pattern she showed me. The pattern also had a strap that fastened around the waist to keep it from falling off. It used buttons, but I figured velcro would work much better. :)

Materials: 2 1/4 yds cotton fabric (45" width),
45x60 cotton batting & sew-on velcro

The finished blanket is about 34"x43". Unfortunately I made the fastening straps a bit too long and will have to trim & resew them. Still, I'm happy with it and honey thinks my mom will love it and that's all that matters. :)


Renna said...

What an ingenious idea! It's quite pretty and colorful, too. I bet your mom loves it. :-)

2sweetnsaxy said...

It came out great! I hope your mom likes it.

Joanne said...

That fabric is so pretty! And it's a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Yup, I think mom will like it very much. It is very pretiful :)

Dawn said...

That one above is me...forgot to include my name. Duh!!

Ruinwen said...

What a georgous lap blanket! I'm sure your mom with love it! :)