Saturday, April 12, 2008

50 Greatest?

First off I want to thank everyone who has commented on my contest post. I must say I'm overwhelmed! The last time I had a contest there were maybe a dozen entries, there are about 35 now and counting! Amazing! Thanks so much for the well wishes... and I wish you all good luck in winning the sox! :)

Okay, now onto this post.

Recently IFC teamed up with Nerve and they compiled a "50 Best Comedy Sketches of All Time" list. Now anytime someone does a list like this the results end up being controversial... let's face it, this is a highly subjective medium. What I find funny isn't necessarily funny to you. Even so, I think they did a pretty fair job.

The Python boys are fairly represented. Honey is a bit upset that the Fish Slapping Dance didn't make the cut, but Dead Parrot is #1 and the Spanish Inquisition is #33, so I'm happy. Kids in the Hall have a few sketches on the list as well, although I think there were better ones that could have been chosen.

In general I think that SNL is a little over-represented. I knew the "More Cowbell" sketch would be there and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Dan Akyroyd's Julia Child sketch made the cut and that "Synchronized Swimming" with Harry Shearer & Martin Short was #10. However, the only Eddie Murphy sketch they included was Buckwheat sings, which is funny but personally I prefer Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood (Kill my landlord, Kill my landlord) or Velvet Johnson's How To Be A Ho (but that's just me).

The biggest and best surprise was that "Nairobi Trio" from the Ernie Kovacs show was #7. This is perhaps the silliest thing I've ever seen. I think it's brilliant and most people my age have never seen it because it aired in the 50s.

So, that's my little 2 cents worth. If you like sketch comedy you should definitely check it out, especially since there are YouTube clips of almost every sketch!


Mary said...

Yay! Monty Pyton's The Ministry of Silly Walks made the list!

Renna said...

I agree with you that Eddie Murphy's Mr. Robinsons's Neighborhood and Velvet Johnson were funnier than his Buckwheat renditions, though I did love the Buckwheat. ;-)

Turtle said...

love monty python!

Sharon Rose said...

Thanks for the link - racing right over! :)

trek said...

Love Monty Python!

Llama anyone?